Basic steam cleaning applies for 3 rooms carpet cleaning including pre treatment, applies for al carpeting fabrics.

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$99- 3 Rooms

For any upholstery cleaning service includin mattresses, sofas, love seats and any other upholstered furniture.

Deep cleaning as well.

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  2. *Valid through 01/01/13

20% OFF

Fast response for any flood emrgency service and water damage restoration

Schedule Online & Get 15% Off Any Cleaning Service :

Advanced Carpet Cleaners

Any mattress cleaning or off of any pet stain / odor removal service provided, applies for all size mattresses and all pet urine stains.

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$15 OFF

Advanced Carpet Cleaners offer a professional & thorough pet stain removal services along with odor control system in order to prevent pet odor to accumulate around the house, as well as we do recommend on treating pet accident as fast as possible and to have them professionaly cleaned as soon as they happen. If your pet accidently urinated or caused bad odors or some stains we advise to contact us immediately for the best care & treatment and in order to achieve maximum removal chances. We all love pets but from the other hand we know they can cause some damage, here are our pet stain services :

  1. -Pet Urine Removal From Carpet & Upholstery

  2. -Odor Removal / Control For All Fabrics

  3. -24/7 Emergency Stain Removal Service

  4. -Top Of The Line Non Toxic Chemicals

  5. -Green Cleaning For All Dog & Cat Stains

Advanced Carpet Cleaners

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